Allan Aquino with a little cruelty, you won’t be so loud and fake, and you’ll work on what you can really give.

Star Ka’at Dark stains on white satin, Frames the blade, shaking and dripping, Dark stains on white satin, Slick cool warmed unnaturally

Traci Kiriyama an unborn child spoke to me, from my unborn belly, yesterday

Karl Millsom You flow through me; you dance through my veins, and give my heart its beat. You live inside me; you fill my lungs, and give me air to breathe.

Mary Sabalones I have heard from your late husband’s lawyer on the matter of the property in Lyon. Unfortunately, on account of your being his second spouse who did not purchase any properties with him jointly, we are now subject to the laws of France regarding inheritance.

Yumi Sakugawa “Gina. You say this every month before get your period. Buy yourself some heat packs and snap out of it.”

Amy Valdez red river, sweeps me, away, to give up, needfully, flows, through, days of, toil, until finally, expiration, it spills


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