Allan Aquino “An art involves process and imagination…”

A’misa Chiu “Oh, we just messed around mostly,” she sweetly replied…

S.P. Doan “An artist is immensely proud and scared at the same time…”

Narinda Heng “More walking. I had probably walked more in my short time in this city than many of the dwellers had ever walked on these streets…”

Star Ka’at “Some paint the world in colors bright or gray…”

Traci Kato-Kriyama “Made of wood, glass, metal or stone…”

Eikichi Lane “It’s been many years since my last ceramics class with you…”

Vicky Luu “Ace and I end up in the bathroom stall of the club, where a line forms outside waiting for us to finish…”

Mary Sabalones “The exhibit was a success. All the alchemy and obscure inspiration worked in your favor…”

Yumi Sakugawa “Boris and Kat have been close friends since middle school…”

Amy Valdez “Anywhere, globally, Melia was up for lessons…”



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