Sasha Ali “Horrid dreams, grey sky and no hand to hold…”

Allan Aquino “Dream: the dawn slips blanket-like over evanston…”

Min Bee “Yes, nice seeing you in the growth aisle, Miss…”

Ryan Chin “What do i eat for breakfast…”

S.P. Doan “I bet you you can’t jump on this trampoline for 30 minutes straight…”

Edward Hong “This is my apology to you…”

Traci Kiriyama “It was in that practical, loving way…”

Eikichi Lane “Beginning the day…”

Vicky Luu “Is that all you’re having for breakfast…”

K. Sao “Breakfast hasn’t been the same since I left…”

Amina H. Shafi “I broke my fast of you…”

Samuel Sukaton “Dear Mom…”

Amy Valdez “It had been a long time since Melia thought about looking good to impress…”

E. E. Vasquez “Five am, training day at Emote restaurant…”


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