Allan Aquino  We march together. though our steps fall in differed rhythms: keep going, should i fall behind…

A’misa Chiu Mother whisphered a name into the soft newborn baby’s ear.  ”Pearl Maya Kaneko, I name you after the grain of sand that dwelled in my heart, churning itself into you– a pearl….”

Michele Gutierrez I have never felt the undeniable urge to bear children. A few friends older than me and even a few friends younger than me tell me I’ll feel it soon, but I’m not too sure…

Narinda Heng my favorite poem of Poe’s from the limited number I’ve read is the one about Annabel Lee…

Mary Sabalones “You see, we ARE children.  We each believe the tiny space of life we inhabit stands as the one true world with nary a thought for how limited our perspectives are….”


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