Allan Aquino “What dreams in amber light: our sly form…”

A’misa Chiu “Brainstorm…..”

S.P. Doan “I had a dream that I was a big-time fashion designer…”

Lauren Harris “I cried for the loss of my hands…”

Edward Hong “They elude me…”

Traci Kato-Kiriyama “Under tremendous pressure by the People Body Artists…”

Isabelle Lacson “Dear no one in particular…”

Eikichi Lane “In bed about to…”

Vicky Luu “I dreamt that my current girl was dumping me for one of my exes…”

G. Morose “I’m sorry my love…”

Clint Pereira “If I had a dime for every time I had this dream, I would shoot myself…”

K. Sao “Distantly I see you…”

Amina H. Shafi “They shriek, yelp, kicking around rusted wire…”

Edren T. Sumagaysay “A world where no one judges…”

Amy Valdez “It was 2 am.  Melia had now become familiar with the feel of being awake while everyone else slept…”

Danrochelle Yumul “It’s like tumbling down a friggin’ rabbit hole…”


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