Allan Aquino “we°write°our°scriptures° to°tell°beginning°from°end…”

Min Bee “She was on a boat. A giant boat made of crisp white butcher paper in the shape of a crane…”

A’misa Chui “like a boom he said like boom…”

S P Doan “Be! Explosive! Be! Be! Explosive!”

Edward Hong “Once in a while I get into this mood…”

Henry Jacobs “Humming birds witness each second more slowly than we do…”

Traci Kato-Kiriyama “It always starts small…”

Eikichi Lane “When the pressure goes…”

Vicky Luu “Dear Cara…”

G. Morose “It’s funny how silently we can explode…”

Pathanapong Patahnadilok “Dear Leanne…”

Clint Pereira “Oh, Joey Ramone. Sing to me, Joey Ramone…”

K. Sao “Something a little different…”

Edren T. Sumagaysay “His first love was in kindergarten…”

Amy Valdez “At Sandra’s apartment. Sandra is in a business dress…”

EE Vasquez “June 16, 1993, the day she left Manila…”


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