Anna Alves “Fall starts it…”

Allan Aquino “We remain poor, frightened, and indebted…”

Kayla Crow “Rising up on the balls of her feet…”

Felipe R. Flores “Like no other season, fall embodies the expression “out with the old, in with the new…”

M. C. Flynn “Mojito, light of my dying summer, fire in my throat…”

Narinda Heng “It is not simple to speak of the way it began..”

Star Ka’at Falling fall, colors blooms, colors die, wind laughs…”

Traci Kato-Kiriyama “She thought their relationship was the stuff of joyful abandon…”

Eikichi Lane “How is the weather down there in old Albuquerque…”

Vicky Luu “There’s a quad-like area near the parking lot of our office…”

Aithne Maes “I remember walking down a sidewalk on Figueroa around four in the afternoon…”

Lima Marti “Fall is an auspicious time of year…”

G. Morose “Everyone shit talks gravity…”

Clint Pereira “How can I be so proud and so ashamed all at once…”

Mary Sabalones “I feel like I’m falling for Fall…”

K. Sao “I can no longer recognize the changes…”

Amina H. Shafi “She notices only the stems of these leaves become brittle…”

Amy Valdez “MAHULOG!”


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