Allan Aquino when he was eight she was already sickly. she miscarried again and, to ease his heartbreak, said, ‘god has other plans.’

A’misa Chiu mother darling looked at her watch. it was while into the midnight hours, and the booze was getting to her head.  after hours of slowly sipping her whiskey on the rocks, the wall in front of her began to slighty sway.

Michele Gutierrez I used to find little white mountains made of dandruff flakes scattered around the house. My mother had a nasty habit of picking her scalp and leaving the evidence behind.I thought it was disgusting.

Star Ka’at Wanted Needed Broken Despising How could you Why would you Break me Fake me

Eikichi Lane My Mother annoys, Me all the time nowadays, Please get off my case!

Vicky Luu  Oh, the things we have been through. I don’t even know where to begin. With what to begin. When. How. It seems like an endless roundabout with you. Most days we are driving along seamlessly. Mother and daughter. A bond that can’t be compared to any other two entities. I know you and you know me. It is love in the greatest depths that word holds.

Mary Sabalones  My mother used to slaughter chickens. She told me this one hazy noon day as she hacked into a plucked headless bird she bought from the market.

Yumi Sakugawa We were walking along the highway in Chiang Mai. A young woman with a red helmet and a floral blouse roared past us on a motorbike. I caught one fleeting glimpse of her before she disappeared from my life forever.

Amy Valdez  collision of intent and ability only time growing up gives intent the needed edge to win out in the end.



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