Anna Alves “Information, unremitting…”

Allan Aquino “Pain is god’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world…”

Ryan Chin “Sacrifice, the small rebellion, minuscule miracle…”

A’misa Chiu “She had bought an apple at the swapmeet, which was more farmer’s market than anything else…”

Fei Cho “She never takes days off…”

Narinda Heng “There must be some forgetting, there must be some letting go…”

Star Ka’at “Quiet and still, Silent and motion, Die for you, Live for you…”

Traci Kato-Kiriyama “At the foothill of my college years, he greeted me with marooned lips…”

Eikichi Lane “Sacrificed my life, To save billions of people, From Radiation…”

Serena Lin “I want to write about little, men with pointy sticks, sticking them into your flesh…”

Vicky Luu “Nothing in this world knows more about sacrifice than the hands of my grandmother…”

Mary Sabalones “I’m giving up chocolate and soda!…”

Yumi Sakugawa “When I first met Jorge, he had the flag of Esperanto badge on his backpack…”

Edren T. Sumagaysay “Well-marketed martyrs, Make Sacrifice, Such a trivial thing…”

Jeff Takaki “Between the steady grind of teeth, a squeak from a hinge of sleep…”

Amy Valdez “She glanced sideways at the intricate crown, crafted by unearthly hands…”



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