Anna Alves “They say when you gaze…”

Allan Aquino “absinthe: clouds , against…”

Min Bee “In those rare moments, moments that you always tell yourself to seek more…”

Leomar Cachola “Oh what a cloud, crackling so loud…”

A’misa Chiu “this is a guide to dreamstate welcome…”

SP Doan “Mike, with an even bigger boost of confidence, tries to wedge the clear thermometer further in his dick…”

Edward Hong “I’m ten years old…”

Henry Jacobs “The move from Manhattan to Wilmington Delaware was not a pleasant one for Lou…”

Libertad Jimenez “The Floreros entered the stadium stealthily…”

Eikichi Lane “Is that a Dragon?”

Vicky Luu “We went to the beach that day…”

Aithne Maes “I remember peering out the window…”

Kathryn Merteuil “I look up at the white puffs. I love the puffs. Maybe I could spread it on a toast…”

Clint Pereira “I think I learned the meaning of life that day. I just didn’t know it yet..”

Jowee San Antonio “Sitting on the bench amidst the chaos…”

Janice Sapigao “I wonder if…”

Amina H. Shafi “We stretch…”

Samuel Sukaton “Dear God…”

Edren T. Sumagaysay “They were innocent times, back then…”

Amy Valdez “For so long…”

EE Vasquez “Jace looks down from the stairwell while his wife Jem shines a lamp behind him…”

Danrochelle Yumul “I envy clouds…”


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