Allan Aquino |* i heard a ) |* story once. ) |* as a matter of ) |* fact, i‘ve heard lots ) |* of stories in my time )

Star Ka’at Don’t open My thought balloon Don’t look at My thought balloon

Traci Kiriyama I lived part of my life inside the line of a bulb hands, hold soft pulp wrestle, hard fiction

Karl Millsom Evan struggled every day to see the good in anything; no matter where life took him to, his mind would paint the shadows in.

Clint Pereira Bloop! That was the sound it made when the bubble appeared over Jessica’s head. It read, “I’m bored.” Aaron choked on his hot coffee and scalded his throat.

Mary Sabalones  Dear Jill, Do you still use this email address? All things are well with me. I hope the same for you. Miles.

Amy Valdez  walks into child’s room “time to get up, you have to leave in 15 minutes.”

Libertad Ximenez Flying… she felt like she was flying. The world of the cubicles had been shattered. It felt good leaving her job to finally pursue her dreams in order to fight the power.



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