Allan Aquino …”buys another t-shirt. Maintains enough to die old…”

A’misa Chiu “I came home tonight.  my mind tired of reading line after line of text…”

Ryan Chin “There’s no such thing as a vacation…”

Elaine Dolalas “It’s sanrio’s 50th anniversary and mike and i made the international trek to santa monica barker hanger to partake in all the hello kitty and friends activities…”

Michele Gutierrez “People ask me if I’ve ever been back to the Philippines…”

Narinda Heng “Our new place in the city did not feel quite like it was real…”

Traci Ishigo “The last time I had you was right after high school graduation, when my family finally saved up enough money to take a trip to Hawaii…”

Traci Kato Kiriyama “High on their steeds set fire to the Queen…”

Eikichi Lane “Hey Bro, how are you doing? We had a good time on our mini vacation to Vegas…”

G. Morose “Let’s take a vacation the vacation of our dreams…”

Clint Pereira “The exit for Cedar lane is crowded by a line of (you guessed it) cedars…”

Edren T. Sumagaysay “That was pretty surreal. Very fucking weird…”

Amy Valdez “One year after Ken’s death…”

Danrochelle Yumul “She sat on a marble bench, enjoying the three different flavors of gelato, somehow jammed in this small cup: tiramisu, hazelnut, and coffee…”


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